Skin dressing

Washable Lamb Skins

Having set up the business in 1990, our first concern was to produce the first Swedish washable lambskin. In order to come up with a really good product, we collaborated with medical doctors and allergists, as well as the National Bacteriological Laboratory in Stockholm (SBL) and the Textile Research Institute in Gothenburg. Our collaboration resulted in a soft, supple skin, ideal as a so-called baby skin because it is an easy-care product, which can be washed regularly.

Our washable rug skins have been a great success, for sheep farmers as well as for customers. These lovely skins are versatile: popular with children as well as adults. Care recommendations are supplied with each washable lambskin.

At Tranås Skinnberedning AB you can choose from the following options

  • Washable skin dressing: hair length 18 mm
  • Washable plaid-rug dressing: hair length 35 mm
  • Rug dressing: full hair length, i e uncut, non-washable. Rug dressing is also available for wool no longer than 10 cm.
  • Eco rug using alternative tanning
  • Skin dyeing
  • If you need help to sort out the skins for dressing, please state your requests on the delivery note.

Cattle Hides

We also dress cattle hides.