Eco skins

An alternative option to chrome-tanned sheepskins

As the only industrial sheep-dressing works in Sweden, the aim of AB Tranås Skinberedning has always been to meet our customers' demands of high-quality dressing tailored to their needs and requirements. In 2004 customer requests resulted in a so-called eco rug in which the quality of the dressing has not been compromised. Lädrets egenskaper påverkas.

The properties of the leather are affected

Using a mix of synthetic and vegetable tanning materials we can now offer a new product, which, for specific purposes, is a good alternative to chrome-tanned skins. We first applied the method to plaid and rug skins. It is, unfortunately, impossible to change tanning methods without the leather showing other characteristics.

The chrome-tanned skins are still superior, but we are confident that the new tanning method produces skins that are up to standard. The eco skins are off-white, and it has the softness of the traditional coats worn in the region of Dalarna. Unlike chrome-tanned skins, eco skins are not washable.

Further development

We are keen to further develop environmentally sustainable methods. With the help of modern technology we try to modify our dressing and production techniques to achieve improved sustainability.

At the same time we wish to offer our customers different dressing options, suited to different requirements and areas of application. This, we believe, is our best contribution the survival and future development of sheep farming.