Pre-dressing advice

When picking up your skins from the abattoir, check that they are well salted. If not, you'll have to do it yourself.

If you slaughter at home, please observe the following in order to avoid damage in the skinning and salting process.

  • Use the knife as little as possible when pulling the skin off. Pricking and scratching have a negative impact on the end result.
  • Let the skin cool down for half an hour up to an hour.
  • Then place the skin in a dry cool place, on a wooden trestle or similar, with the leather side up. Stretch the skin to avoid creasing. Apply 3-5 kg coarse salt (not the rock salt used for roads!) before putting the next skin on top. Apply the same amount of salt for each skin.
  • Apply more salt after a week if the skins are to be left longer.
  • When having the skins transported to us, use wooden pallets. Alternatively, shake off the salt, roll the skins up with the leather side facing inwards, put them in a sack and bring them to us. Pack well to avoid leakage. We will check the skins and re-salt if necessary. We have a huge cool store.