Dyeing and waxing

We can offer some twenty basic colours using the following dyeing and treatment options:

  • Suede finish: For dyeing the leather side, paint spraying is the most common method. The leather is evenly sprayed in order to completely penetrate the leather. When the skin has been dried and stretched it will have a so-called suede finish.

  • Glossy, leathery finish: After the above-mentioned dyeing, skins can be waxed or treated to achieve a nappa effect. For waxing, one layer of wax components is sprayed onto the surface. For nappa treatment a special machine is used in which two layers are pressed into the leather under high pressure and heat. The resulting finish is more durable and water-repellent than the suede finish.

  • Wool-dyed finish: The wool is bath-dyed in the required colour, giving the leather side a pale shade of the same colour. Leather-side colour finish: The leather side can be dyed black or navy in a bath, leaving the wool side unaffected.